Born in Africa, Based in NOLA
Born in Africa, Based in NOLA
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Who we are!

So I felt the need to formalize our story and the conception of our business. What started off as a little girls idea, is now a self sustaining entity. So how did it all start?

Well I am Trevor, the owner of Amara's Gifts. I am a Zimbabwean National, living in the vibrant city of New Orleans, LA. I am also the proud father of a beautiful 11yr old Princess whose name translates to Amara, or God's Grace. While I was trying to prepare her for the harsh realities of the world, specifically the inequalities that black women face in the business world, she asked me what if you had to work in a woman's world Daddy? 

So after grappling with this issue, we decided to see what would happen if a man would try venture into the world of women's fashion with no experience whatsoever. Being the genius that I am I obviously cheated and surrounded myself with a lot of smart women to hold my hand. 

I enlisted the help of my sister, my mother, my co-workers, friends that were already living the entrepreneurial dream, with all its joys and struggles. Nine months later, here we are. So the choice to sell handcrafted African Accessories was through the help of my sister Caroline, my partner in this venture. We love our birthplace, and everything African. We felt so fortunate to be in the positions we are in, that we decided whatever we did, we had to give back to our homeland.

So in her travels of the African continent, Caroline, met several groups, co-operatives, of women, whose only source of income came from selling these handmade crafts. We both fell in love with them and their creations. So we started supporting these women's groups, buying guaranteeing them a monthly income, and buying their crafts above market rate. In doing so we support local enterprise, and prolong our cultural heritage.

So here we are in New Orleans, bringing African Fashion, and Heritage to all women, and trying to teach a little girl that anything is possible. This journey has been amazing to say the least, I look forward to sharing more about it in the coming weeks. A special thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey, and you will all get mentioned as each blog post unfolds. For now we continue Doing Good, by Looking Good!

See y'all next week!