Born in Africa, Based in NOLA
Born in Africa, Based in NOLA
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The Amara Bio

Amara's Gifts is a eccommerce fashion store, that looks to bring African traditions and heritage to the mainstream. Our weapon of choice, is handmade African Accessories that pair well with almost anything a woman could wear today. We are passionate about our roots, and use our business to empower women's groups in Africa, by offering financial stability, and guaranteed markets for their creations.

This brother and sister business, operates on two continents, and is driven by our shared love for fashion, and commerce. We also love teaching our kids life lessons as we grow Amara's Gifts. We firmly believe that you can make money, and empower everyone on the supply chain too. Not only can we all win, but we can also help women look their best, and promote our culture as we do. 

Join us as we try to impact the world one outfit at a time!